The Finance Department administers the City of Weed's finance activities, including the coordination and planning of all City financial information.  This department provides cost-effective financial and management services to the City Council, City Departments, and other governmental units. 

 The accounting services provided include:

The accounting function provides budgetary, accounting, payroll, auditing, and reporting support services for all City departments and functions that are consistent with relevant legal and professional standards.

Budget Process & Timeline:
As required by the laws of the State of California, the City of Weed adopts a two-year budget.  The City operates on a fiscal year basis beginning July 1 and ending on June 30.  The City of Weed's budget process begins in early spring of each odd-numbered year when each department develops and submits requests for the next two-year's operating budget and the five-year capital improvement program.  In April and May, the City Council hold a series of workshops to discuss the requested budgets.  The Final Budget is approved in June after holding at least one public hearing on the proposed budget and reviewing all appropriations and sources of financing.

Tax Levy:
The County of Siskiyou assesses, bills, and collects property taxes for the City of Weed.  The County property tax is levied each November 1 on the assessed valuation of property located in the County as of the preceding lien date.  Taxes are receivable in two equal installments which become delinquent the first working day after December 10 and April 10.

Provides the appropriate insurance coverage and protection for all aspects of City operations. This insurance includes general liability, auto, theft, business interruption, and workers' compensation.

Utility Billing:
Utility billing includes the in-house processing of water, sewer, and refuse billings. This process includes calculation of water, sewer, and refuse rates as well as management of monthly billing statements and receipts.

If you have questions regarding your utility bill please contact the Accounts Receivable Clerk at City Hall 530-938-5020.


Jill Porterfield, Finance Director  E-mail:

Mary Mazzoni, Accounts Receivable Clerk 

Christina Britton, Accounts Payable Clerk

Office Hours:  Monday-Thursday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm; Closed on Fridays and Holidays.

Location:  550 Main Street, Weed, CA 96094

Mailing Address: PO Box 470 Weed, CA 96094

Contact Numbers T: 530-938-5020 F: 530-938-5096

Compensation Report

Annually the City files a compensation report with the State Controller.  The most recent report is for 2015.  In compliance with the rules and regulations of the State Controller's Office, the City is posting this information on its web site.  In addition, we continue to provide earlier versions of this report so the public can see changes from year to year.

Salary Schedule

Regularly the City Council renegotiates contracts with various unions and awards similar salary increases to unrepresented employees.  These salary ranges are posted here in accordance with the law.