City of Weed, California


Community Profile

The City of Weed is located at the intersection of Interstate 5 and U.S. Highway 97, 49 miles south of the California-Oregon border.

The 2010 Census reported that Weed had a population of 2,967.  There are several unincorporated subdivisions adjacent to, or just outside Weed proper.  These include Edgewood, Carrick, Lake Shastina, Rancho Hills, and Hammond Ranch.  These communities have mailing addresses that use Weed, or its ZIP Code.  The total population of Weed including these adjacent communities is 6,318.

The City's lumber industry and manufacturing facilities made it a magnet for ethnic migration.  A large number of Italian immigrants migrated to Weed at the turn of the 20th Century and became a cornerstone of community's civic life.  Many streets in community bear names of Italian cities such as Rome, Genoa, Como and Venice.  Annually since 1954 the City has held the Weed Italian Carnevale in June or July.  Although recently dropping "Italian" from its name, the festival maintains the Italian Spelling of carnival and the traditional Bocce Ball tournaments.

A large number of African American's migrated to Weed as well to work in the Long-Bell Lumber Company's Weed facility after the company closed two mills in Louisiana in 1922.

Immigrants locating in Weed since the 1980's have come primarily from Mexico and Laos.

As a result of these migrations, Weed has a much more ethnically diverse population than Siskiyou County.  The racial makeup of Weed is quite diverse with 74.9% of the population being characterized as White in the 2010 Census (included in this number is 16% Hispanic or Latina), 6.9% African American, 2.4% Native American, 4.1% Asian, and a variety of other races or two or more races.