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Weed, California
The Historic Lumber Town

Weed Long Term Recovery Group

The purpose of this section is to provide up-to-date information on Weed's recovery efforts.  Please visit for more info and calendar.

For specific questions for the Long Term Recovery Group, send email to:


October 2017 Report

The Long Term Recovery Group's last monthly public meeting was held Tuesday, October 10, 2017. At that time, we discussed successes, challenges, lessons learned, hopes and compassion for other California residents and beyond affected by disastrous fires, floods, storms and other life changing events. We reviewed the VOAD/OES step by step recommendations on “When the Work is Finished” to guide us in producing a final evaluation and summary report.

By year’s end, together with a final summary report, we will determine which materials the City might like to archive from our work and plan for access. Case Management files will be shredded. For any of those very few cases still active, information will be turned over to trained staff at the Weed Family and Community Resource Center. 

The LTRG Case Management, Volunteer Coordinator and Construction Coordinator positions under the management of United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) end on November 15, 2017. At that time, each of these amazing people – Andrea Herr, Brenda Duchi and Pat Olson – will move on to their respective employment and volunteer work. Truly, the successes of coordinated recovery efforts are due to their dedication and skills. The Executive Committee of the Long-Term Recovery Group acknowledges that the funding to train and employ local people for this work was critical to the success of the community’s recovery. 

Volunteers - Outside of help through Siskiyou Habitat for Humanity, there is one remaining team expected this month from the Loomis Methodist Church. They are returning for the second time this year, their fourth visit over all. Amazing. Since June 2015 when staffing of the Volunteer Coordinator position began, Brenda logged 616 volunteers from outside the area donating an estimated 31,761 hours. Local volunteer hours towards recovery is estimated at over 7,000 hours. This doesn’t include the incredible first response time and organizational efforts of those involved in the immediate aftermath of the fire. This information will be included in a final summary report mentioned above.

Fiscal Report - All outstanding grant projects have been completed. Both Shasta Regional Community Foundation’s Community Disaster Relief Fund and United Way’s Boles Fire Relief Fund have been expended. Details on those expenses have been shared by the individual organizations who can answer any grant related questions. There was more financial support from various sources in the County for Boles Fire survivors, but not all of them worked through the Long-Term Recovery Group, so we can’t report details on those. 

Contact info through Nov. 15, 2017:

It has been our pleasure to serve the Weed community as the Volunteer Executive Committee of the Weed Long Term Recovery Group.

Nichole Torsey, Chair,

Sue Tavalero and Margaret Dean, Vice-Chairs

Tina Haynes, Secretary

Audra (Gibson) Beylik, Public Information Officer

September 2017 Report

Weed LTRG to City Council Report

Happy Anniversary!
As funding for staffing the LTRG Case Management, Volunteer Coordinator and Construction Coordinator winds down to a close this fall, there is less to report. Most case work is focused on Habitat for Humanity families with logistics such as setting up their power and water accounts, finalizing insurance coverage, and communicating with Siskiyou Habitat for Humanity about the status of the title paperwork and payments. Several households not involved with Siskiyou Habitat for Humanity have asked for volunteer help and have been referred to the Volunteer Coordinator.

The last delivery of sandy soil is planned to be completed by 9/17/17. Case Management is coordinating documentation and working with the Resources Committee members to complete this service to those Boles Fire survivors who had registered to receive it.

By the end of September, remaining volunteer groups will be coordinated by and working through Habitat for Humanity on their designated projects.

The Weed Presbyterian Church is having two celebration events and invites the public to attend:
1. Friday September 15th from 3pm until 5pm they are hosting those who worked on the fire and those who worked to rebuild plus city and county officials.
2. Sunday September 17th a worship service starting at 10:30 am followed by a tour of the facility and a dinner.

Fiscal Report
The Weed Long Term Recovery Group and the Board of Directors of Shasta Regional Community Foundation have recommended the disbursement of the remaining funds in the Shasta Regional Community Foundation’s Community Disaster Relief Fund for Boles Fire (a total of $72,512.55) be granted to the Weed Recreation and Parks District towards the rebuild of the Weed Community Center. A check presentation will be made at the September 14, 2017 council meeting. An itemized list of all disbursements from the Community Disaster Relief Fund is HERE. The Board of Directors of United Way of Northern California meets next on September 27, 2017 to address the balance of their Boles Fire Relief Fund.

Shasta Regional Community Disaster Relief Fund
Funds Raised to Date by SRCF
Grants Recommended/Disbursed
Funds Remaining Today

United Way of Northern CA
Total donations to Boles Fire Relief Fund
Total Grants to Date
Total Balance Remaining

Upcoming meetings
• The LTRG is scheduled to hold their last public meeting on Tuesday, October 10th at 2 pm in the Community Room at Great Northern Services, 310 Boles Street.
Contact info through September 30, 2017:
• Case Manager Andrea Herr at 530 408-0012;
• Construction Coordinator: Patrick (Pat) Olson : 530 925-1426;
• Volunteer Team Coordinator: Brenda Duchi: 530 408-0023;
• Calendar and updates posted at
• Weed Recovers LTRG tab is on the City’s website home page updated with important information as it becomes available.
More information can be found through the Weed Press online at




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